About Us



We’re John and Kat and very glad you stopped by.

Ever feel like your living in a book?  The story of your life is un-folding chapter by chapter, verse by verse?   And as you turn the pages, one by one, your story…your life begins to take shape.  To move and grow, change and evolve into something wonderful…a tapestry of beauty!  In the beginning of a weaving or in writing a book, you may not know where the story will go or what the final weaving will look like.  But step by step…page by page the book, the weaving, the life begins to take shape…and it’s a thing of beauty.

Both of our lives began very differently from where we are now.  Almost like we have been given a second chance…a do over.  Do you believe in second chances, do overs?  We do…now.

Both of us have been married before, and now we have a second chance with our marriage…a do over if you will.  A chance to do what is good, correct that which was wrong, love one another unconditionally without expectations other than to live for God and glorify Him through our actions in our Marriage.  A Godly Marriage that we strive for and work hard for…daily.

A second chance to pursue our dreams…both John’s and mine.  Pursue our hopes, goals and everything in between.  A second chance at being available for God’s good purpose in our lives…His purpose, His timing…not ours.

I guess you could say that in the book that is being written about our life…we are transitioning from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2.

And in Chapter 2, the kids are grown and out of the nest….

Our land has finally been found for retirement…a homestead in the making…

Our dreams are awaiting…1/8 mile tracks & nitro fumes…

Chickens & gardens and redneck blues…

Come join in our journey…page by page…

…as we transition from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2! (I hear this is the BEST chapter!)




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